Welcome to The units library user guide and documentation!ΒΆ

The Units library provides a means of working with units of measurement at runtime, including conversion to and from strings. It provides a small number of types for working with units and measurements and operations necessary for user input and output with units.

This software was developed for use in LLNL/GridDyn, and HELICS and is currently a work in progress (though getting close). Namespaces, function names, and code organization is subject to change though is fairly stable at this point, input is welcome.

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The Introduction is a discussion about the why? and How the library came together and a generally what it does and how it was tested. The Installation and Linking guide is a discussion about linking and using the library, and the User Guide is the how-to about how to use the software library. For the details see Details and to try out some of the string conversions check out Units on the Web Finally Application Notes contains some discussions on particular applications and usages.